Aldina Stuparich Burić

Paintings of the Lošinj sailing ships 
The people of Lošinj have sailed the world on their sailing ships and contributed to the cultural and economic development of Lošinj. Our ancestors chose a sailing ship as their symbol which has adorned the Lošinj arms since the 19th century. 
The Lošinj sailing ships made by Aldina Stuparich are a memory of the most famous part of the Lošinj history, and of famous sailing ship paintings made by captain Ivanković, or Aldina's father Ivan Giannetto Stuparich inspired by the votive paintings in Annunziata. Each painting made by Aldina is a unique tempera painting on masonite, and the paintings vary in dimension. A painting may represent one or more specific sailing ships such as "Ettore M., "Contessa Hilda", "Jupiter", "Deveron" etc. that are related to the Lošinj history, whether built or owned by the people of Lošinj.  
These paintings are accompanied by the story of the particular sailing ship – construction data, captain, undertakings, disasters etc. A painting may as well show a special type of sailing ships that were built in Lošinj or on which the people of Lošinj used to sail. Usually these were bark, brigantine, and nava. These paintings are accompanied by the story about the certain sailing ship type – what the sails were like, how big they were, what their special features were, when they were built and other similar characteristics. In her work Aldina prefers sombre backgrounds, with tempestuous sea and dark or cloudy sky contrasted with ships, in order to remind us that the people of Lošinj often sailed heavy seas, and they almost never show people because every sailing ship by itself is enough.
Paintings of the Lošinj sailing ships  can be ordered by phone and e-mail.
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