Ancient kitchenware

Kitchenware and serving trays were mostly made of ceramics. Very often, pots were also made of bronze or brass, while plates were made of wood, and baskets of willow twigs. The rich could afford silverware for serving food. Numerous variations of different pots, cauldrons, bowls, pans, cups, vases, and carafes attest to the richness and diversity of dishes that were prepared or served in them.
Oil, wine, and cereal were stored in pithos, big clay containers, sometimes up to 2 m high. Amphoras, ceramic round pots with narrow neck and two handles, were used for preserving and transport of liquid and solid food. Apart from ceramic, they were also made of marble, alabaster, glass, and precious metals. Amphoras were use to preserve wheat, honey, grapes, wine, olive oil, olives, salted fish, dates.
At parties, the wine was diluted with water and mixed in kraters. After that, it was poured in carafes – oinochoe, and the wine was drank from ceramic kylikes, cups with two handles.
Adrijano Nikolić author: Apoxyomenos Gastronomic Story, Lidija Kosmos, BA History and Sociology
The technology of baking clay hasn't changed since the ancient times. We manufacture various ancient bowls with great love, staying true to the ancient tradition.
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