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APOX film festival

LOCATION: Museum of Apoxyomenos & Fritzi Gallery & Cinema Veli Lošinj
TIME: 2. - 5.12.2020.

A cultural event, APOX Film Festival for international and domestic documentary films, produced from June of 2019 to June 2020, includes all major film production companies in the world of film. One of the applicants is Benito Ortez, the most famous journalist from Peru who is, with his 800,000 followers, one of the strongest applicants to the film festival. The goal is to attract as many quality producers from the film world as possible and to be one of the best documentary international film festivals in this part of the world.

The APOX Film Festival wants to be among the biggest in terms of organization, which is why the 1st APOX Film Festival, as can be seen in the festival program schedule, is designed to merge culture (museum and gallery spaces), performers as attraction at the opening of the film festival, and a film workshop in collaboration with the Pula Film Factory, where elementary school children will have the opportunity to learn how to make animated films, while high school students will learn how to make real films, and they will have an opportunity to make one. Each workshop lasts 36 hours. Elementary school participants will learn about animated film production techniques and will make one, and high school students will make a minimum of seven short films that will be screened as part of the film festival.

Also in order to promote the festival as such, it is promoted on various external and domestic online channels and social networks. More than 70 films will be screened, documentary short and feature films dealing with migrants, poverty, cryogenic technology and robots and the future of ecology.

ENTRY: HRK 35.00 per person (finger food included) - TICKETS

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