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Chapel of Our Lady of the Annunciation on Art, around 1930

As the people of the island often failed to fulfill their vows because of the storm, in the 30's of the 20th century, the Virgin Mary in the church of Our Lady of the Annunciation in Čikat was given the eponymous votive chapel in the position from which the Annunziata of Lošinj is best seen, at the site of Art.
  • _Susak

Parish Church of St. Nicholas, (12th century), 1770

The Church of St. Nicholas in today's form was built in 1770 by the first pastor of Sucuraj, Jerolim Simcic, but its origins are much older and date back to the Middle Ages, as evidenced by the stone lunette with a relief of a cross, which was built into its facade as a sex.
  • _Susak

Parish Church of Sv. Juraj

St. Juraj (April 23) and St. Rocco (August 16) are celebrated in Belej, whose wooden baroque statues belong to the older artistic inventory.
  • _Belej

The parish church of st. Peter and Paul - Ilovik, 19th century

The first permanent residents of the island of Ilovik used the church of the former Benedictine monastery on Sv. Peter, but as the Romanesque building was already in very poor condition and "out of hand", they decided to build a new church dedicated to St. Peter. Peter in the center of the village.
  • _Ilovik

Church St. Jacob

Church of St. Jakov in the cemetery, a Romanesque church with an apse, which was enlarged in 1624 by adding a larger and wider nave to the front.
  • _Sveti Jakov

Church St. Martin

Church of St. The Martin from 1450 is located in today's cemetery, where one can read the history of Losinj.
  • _Mali Lošinj


14 Cross Road stations- chapels. It is the famous Calvary of Mali Lošinj.
  • _Mali Lošinj

Osor cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1463 - 1498 (direction N - S). The main altar in the Baroque style kept the relics of St. Gaudentius, bishop and protector of Osor.
  • _Osor
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