The newly renovated cinema equipped with state-of-the-art film projection equipment provides a complete audio-visual effect on one of the finest screens in Croatia.

The Mali Lošinj cinema tells its story from its founding in 1904 to its complete makeover in 2016. The renovation and the purchase of the latest equipment were supported by the Town of Mali Lošinj, Lidl Hrvatska, Jadranka d.d., and AdriaOil in the campaign “Big Cinema for Mali Lošinj”.
From Giuseppe Bonetti Theatre to Vladimir Nazor Cinema

Built in 1904, the Giuseppe Bonetti Theatre had 400 seats divided into main and gallery seating. It hosted plays, smaller operas, and musicals for the audience made up of upper-class members of the society and continued to operate until the start of the First World War in 1914. As the theatre ceased to perform operas, the visitors turned to the cinema in Giardinet, today's Cultural Centre, which became very popular for showing silent movies.

The cinema was founded in 1928 in today's building when it started to be used exclusively for film projections. The first silent film projector was mounted at the same time, and instead of using a lamp, it was powered by petroleum. The projector was intended for 16 mm films and at that time its mobility was extremely important because it was moved around the island to smaller villages such as Ćunski, Nerezine, Osor, and even Belej, which allowed the locals to enjoy many projections. This was the time of silent movies, so the projections were accompanied by live sounds, mostly by piano and occasionally by another instrument. It was in 1934 that a special piece of equipment was added to allow sound production. Although the films were shown on an old projector, the cinema was very popular, and the space also hosted theatre plays, sometimes even three times a week or Sunday matinees, dances, shows for children and army for which an extra ticket was wanted, since the cinema had 316 seats. As wartime loomed, the cinema closed during the Second World War and re-opened in 1946.

In 1928, there were two cinemas in Mali Lošinj – one was in today’s Vladimir Nazor Cinema, and the other one was in the Cultural Centre.

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