Conquer Osoršćica, be filmed !

If you want to experience the island of Losinj in the winter months, we offer you an interesting offer of hiking on the island of Losinj, where you will have the opportunity to conquer our peak, Osorscica and enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings at the very top, St. Mikula! 

Not only that, you may also come across a snow cover at the very top, and have the opportunity not only to enjoy the charms of the island of Lošinj and the sea, but also to feel the charms of a real winter idyll.

Join us in this unique tourist tour to the top of St. Mikula, and we will not only take you to the top but we have the opportunity to record your way to the top and send you a edited video so you can enjoy the footage in the warmth of your home and be reminded of your climb to the very top of Osoršćica!


Price: 180,00 kn per person
Organizer: TA VAL
T: +385 51 236 604


Conquer Osoršćica !

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