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Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend

Two races in two days on two Kvarner islands!

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend is a trail race consisting of two separate stages with three difficulty categories: Challenger, Active and Light. The competitors can choose which category they want to participate in and choose one or both days of this unique trail event. They can choose different categories for each day.
The idea is to connect and present the beautiful landscapes of both islands, their hidden corners and high peaks during the trail race. After each race, the winner is announced and after both races, the overall winner of Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend is announced in male and female category.

LOŠINJ TRAIL and CRES TRAIL are also a part of Treking liga, but points are awarded only for the Challenger category. If a competitor participates in both races in the Challenger category, he/she can choose to have those races noted as 2 Challengers, or 1 Ultra. For the Ultra category, the sum of points from both races is divided by 2. After each race we will award the winner and after both races we will announce the overall winner in categories Men and Women. The overall winner is the one with fastest time for both races in Challenger category combined.

ACTIVE: 15 km
LIGHT: 8 km

ACTIVE: 15 km
LIGHT: 8 km

For more information on the TREKING LIGA league and point awarding, please visit the official website:  Treking liga

Facebook: Cres-Lošinj trail 
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