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Turn from the main road towards airport. After 200 metres there is a branch on the right side of the road towards Liski cove. The first part of the path takes you across Ćunski field. After 200 metres the path branches – on the right towards Studenčić cove and towards Liski cove on the left. 
The way down to Liski cove takes about 20 minutes, the altitude is 50 metres. Due to configuration of the terrain (macadam, karst) we do not recommend this path to cyclists. Let us take the same way back to the main road and walk further towards airport. After 150 metres we turn right from the main road and over the Stan hill (108m) we go down to Liska Slatina cove. We continue further passing a pond, across a pebbled beach to transversal that cuts the bottom part of Ćunski field. 

We take the transversal (macadam) and after 1 km, we reach a little crossroads. We take right and continue the path to the sea to cape Kurila with Kurila lighthouse. We take a little break to enjoy the beautiful view of the island of Susak before us, and the islands of Male and Vele Srakane and Unije on our right. We continue back the same way to the crossroads and continue further up. After 1.2 km we turn right, passing the airport to Zabodarski cove. We walk by the sea for about 300 metres and continue down the macadam road. There is a slight climb of 50 metres. After 2 km we turn right to Kandija cove and further to Artatore village.

We recommend you to have refreshments in one of the restaurants in Artatore and you can finish your tour by asphalted road to reach the main road (D-100) or take the macadam to the asphalted road towards the airport or Ćunski.

Technical characteristics:

Highest point: Stan 108 m

Total length of the paths: about 20 km

Walking time: marked on the map for each section

Terrain: macadam, soil, gravel

Suitable for: walking and bikes (MTB)


Footpath Ćunski

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