Ćunski is situated 8 km from Mali Lošinj. It was built on a hill which was the site of one of many prehistoric hill forts on the Island of Lošinj. Cultivating the fertile fields nearby, many settlers eked out a livelihood and so the settlement grew and developed to its present-day borders. 
Along with cultivating fields of wheat and vegetables, as well as vineyards, the settlers planted nearby hills with olive trees, which, from year to year, yielded the precious olive oil.

Apart from agriculture and fishing, tourism has also started to develop in recent years and so the oil mill – TORAĆ – which combines the past and the present, is offered as part of the presentation and promotion of local authentic sites. The intention is to present and show tourists a part of rich tradition in the reconstructed Torać. This only remaining old olive mill – called “torać“ in the local dialect – was built in 1897.

In Ćunski there is the Betanija Spiritual Centre which serves as a gathering place for believers from all over the world. 

On the road below Ćunski is the starting point of the tourist route to climb Osoršćica hill.

Ćunski is connected with Mali and Veli Lošinj by daily bus lines, as well as with Cres, Osor and Nerezine. On the main road below Ćunski, a paved side road leads to Lošinj Airport.

Pharmacy: none
Post Office: Ćunski 23, open all year round
Bank: none
ATM: none
Exchange Office: at the Post Office
Tourist Agency: none
Port Authority: none
Bike, motorbike, car and boat rental: none.
Marina/Port: none
Grocery Store: Jadranka d.o.o., Ćunski bb, open all year round
Restaurant: Dvije Palme, Ćunski bb, open all year round
Cafe Bar: none
Beach Bar: none
Internet: Ćunski Library, Ćunski bb, open all year round

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