Discover Lošinj! (Skippin' Pebble)

Discover Lošinj on guided tours. Private boat excursions, kayak tours, diving and snorkeling, cycling and walking tours. You can create your own adventure!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re after more than just a beach holiday.
You already know the most beautiful sunsets are seen from mountain tops, the most amazing beaches are accessible only by sea, and the sweetest breath is the one you take while cycling through a pine-tree forest.

"That’s exactly how I feel and the reason why I’ve explored all corners of Lošinj, even the ones hidden to others. I grew up on this beautiful island and got to know it through games, walking in nature, swimming, diving, discovering what I am today. I’ve fallen in love with the present moment thanks to these adventures and realised the importance of sharing. Skippin’ Pebble is my belief, my life principle, and my personal joy!", says Igor Šehić, creator and organiser (Skippin’ Pebble).

Skippin’ Pebble offers a different way of raising awareness on the importance towards the reconnection with nature. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers a perfect active holiday!


Discover Lošinj! It is in our nature to explore...

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