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Dolphin way

Dolphin way crosses the south part of Lošinj and connects eastern and western coast. The reason for the name of the path is very simple – here you will have the greatest chance of seeing a playful group of dolphins. 

There are about 180 animals in the sea around Lošinj, and most of them have been identified thanks to their marks, such as cuts or scars on their back flippers, the part of their body that is always visible when they come to the surface to breathe some air.

The trail begins at Borik cove (Sunčana cove) and passes Porto Šešula, Cuanguski, Mala and Vela Draga, and Sunfarni coves. After 80 minutes we reach one of the most beautiful coves on Lošinj, Krivica. On our way there we will notice other paths that take us to Lošinj transversal which can be reached in about 30 minutes of climbing. Krivica cove is deeply indented into the island which makes it an ideal shelter for yachts. Enjoy the shade of the pine tree forest and crystal clear sea washing the pebbled beaches. From Krivica we go to the neighbouring cove, Balvanida, where you can get refreshments in a tavern and continue your way.

The road takes us past Plieski and Vinkova coves to the final point of the island, Mrtvaška cove. From here, you can take a taxi-boat to the island of Ilovik, or take the Lošinj transversal back to Mali Lošinj. Also, you can continue down the Dolphin way to reach our final destination, Veli Lošinj. Mrtvaška cove has always been used as the shortest way from Ilovik to Mali Lošinj, bearing in mind that at that time, people did not have mobile phones to call someone from Ilovik to pick them up at Mrtvaška. Instead, they would set fire and if the fire was seen at Ilovik, people there would know there was someone waiting for a lift at Mrtvaška.
From Mrtvaška we continue towards Trasorka cove. After a few hundred metres the path takes us between stone walls (gromače), at some places up to 3 m high. After an hour and a half, we reach Kriška cove where we find a dominating pier of about 20 m. It was built during the rule of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. From here we can continue our way up through olive groves and we reach the church of St. Nicholas from the 14th century. According to the legend, this is was the first settlement on the island of Lošinj, dating back to 1280. From the church we continue walking slowly downhill for about 20 minutes to reach the centre of Veli Lošinj.

If we decide to continue by the sea from Kriška cove, we pass Javorna cove and after 45 minutes of walking we reach Rovenska cove. At the entrance of the cove there is a pier that Austrian archduke Ferdinand Maximilian had built in 1856 to protect the port from northern winds and to berth a growing number of Lošinj sailing ships.
From Rovenska cove there is a concrete path to the lookout on cape Leva that was named after Leva family, a famous family of sailors from Veli Lošinj. The most well-known member of the family was surely captain Petar Jakov Leva, the first captain from the eastern Adriatic to have sailed around Cape Horn in 1843. After many hours of walking, Veli Lošinj opens before you. Have a break, treat yourselves and taste Lošinj's gastro delicacies. You deserve it!

Technical characteristics:
Highest point: church of St. Nicholas (67 m)
Total length of the paths: about 20 km
Walking time: marked on the map for each section
Terrain: macadam, karst, concrete (smaller part)
Suitable for: walking

 Dolphin way

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