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The Lošinj archipelago abounds with picturesque places characterized by a unique healing climate offeringyear-round enjoyment. 
The archipelago is characterized by healing properties and a mild Mediterranean climatewith more than 2,500 sunny hours per year. Around 1,200 various plant species grow on these islands, 600 ofwhich grow on the island of Unije, an islet of only 17 kilometers in area.
Not many archipelagos can boast such figures.The natural climatic conditions producing wondrous healing properties will leave no one feeling indifferent. Thepleasant Lošinj microclimate that positively affects the health is one of the reasons why the guests who haveonce visited the Lošinj archipelago always gladly return.
We have developed over 250 kilometers of walking trails for you. Along these trails, you can encounter guestsfrom all over the world. To wake up in the morning, it is enough to fill your lungs with the morning air and take awalk with the first rays of the sun. If you opt for some other physical activity, such as jogging or biking, you willbe able to enjoy fragrant walking trails, beautiful landscapes, view spots and coves.

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Turn from the main road towards airport. After 200 metres there is a branch on the right side of the road towards Liski cove. The first part of the path takes you across Ćunski field. After 200 metres the path branches – on the right towards Studenčić cove and towards Liski cove on the left. 
  • _Ćunski

Dolphin way

Dolphin way crosses the south part of Lošinj and connects eastern and western coast. The reason for the name of the path is very simple – here you will have the greatest chance of seeing a playful group of dolphins. 
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Free climbing Osoršćica

Only 30 minutes away from the Mountain lodge St. Gaudentius on mountain Osorščica which extends over Osor and Nerezine, there are 30 routes of difficulty level 4 to 8, and the maximum length of 30 m.


Ilovik is the southernmost island of the Lošinj archipelago, connected with Lošinj by boat and a catamaran line to Mali Lošinj, Rijeka and Zadar. Unlike other islands in the archipelago, Ilovik can be reached from Mrtvaška cove (the southernmost point of Lošinj) where there are organised transfers to the island. (The ride takes 10-15 minutes.)
  • _Ilovik


Spreads along the northern part of the island of Lošinj from Ćunski to Osor, and it is about 20 kilometres long. It is the first mountain on the islands of Adriatic to have attracted visitors, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Rudolf Habsburg was surely one of the first, having climbed Osoršćica in 1887.
  • _Lošinj

Promenade of Vitality

Our walk towards Veli Lošinj starts at Kadin cove which is at the very entrance of the town of Mali Lošinj. It is a concrete path that takes us along the eastern coast of Lošinj, passing on our way coves Kadin, Zagazinjine and Bojčić, all the way to little fishing port of St. Martin, the oldest part of Mali Lošinj that was the first settlement on the island in the 12th century. 
  • _Lošinj

Punta Križa

Located on the southernmost part of the island of Cres, it is a true natural gem with rich flora and fauna. To go to Punta Križa means to wander off into the green, this is the kingdom of pine tree forests and shrubs, green meadows where the sheep graze, and herds of deer walk past by. 
  • _Punta Križa


Susak is a unique island in the Adriatic – by its genesis and its appearance. Thick layers of fine, yellowish sand on limestone were brought by ancient winds, and people have planted reed whose roots go deep into the ground looking for water, preventing soil erosion.
  • _Susak

The paths of Lošinj's captains

If you want to discover secrets of Lošinj, take the path by the sea that connects and holds treasures of our island. Start at Borik cove, across Sunčana cove bathing in the sunshine, touch the Annunziata cove and enter the Čikat bay. 
  • _Lošinj


Unije is the biggest island surrounding Lošinj. Thanks to its favourable position, water springs and fertile ground, Unije was populated throughout the history. The name of the island probably comes from Greek (he)neios, meaning “field”.
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