Global Green Destinations Days 2019 on Lošinj!

Global forum shows destinations how to avoid excessive mass tourism.
While the tourism sector struggles to accept responsibility for its role in the climate crisis, the ‘plastic soup’ and socio-economic disruption in iconic destinations, a global forum is developing alternative scenarios. Green Destinations’ Global Leaders and the world’s Sustainable 100 will present their “Green Solutions for Destinations” during Global Green Destinations Days 2019 (#GGDD19), 8-12 October 2019 in Croatia. The City of Dubrovnik, well known for its recent overtourism issues, presents its new strategy and its solutions. Top experts from all continents will discuss how to keep excessive tourism at bay and how to secure the interests of host communities. New insights will be shared on how to preserve nature & local culture, how to deal with waste and plastic litter, and how to develop an environmentally responsible and climate-friendly destination policy.

“A key event for destinations that wish to avoid overtourism”
“In general, the tourism sector is developing in an unsustainable and irresponsible way” says Green Destinations’ President Albert Salman. “The absence of air fuel taxation and insufficient regulation of real estate exploitation - think about Airbnb - makes life difficult for destinations and host communities. It is time that destinations exchange experience on how to avoid disruption”. Salman: “So this event is the place-to-be for destination managers and experts.” GGDD19 is the 4th edition of the world’s leading event on sustainable destination management. The event will be held in two cities: Zagreb, the capital of the country and Mali Lošinj, a Sustainable Top 100 Destination in the Kvarner region. Leading experts in government, business, and academia in a set of workshops, field trips, in-depth sessions, and panel discussions, around a common theme ‘Green Solutions for Destinations’.

The leading global event in sustainable destination management
A three-day international event, supported by the main partners and co-organisers Mali Lošinj  Tourism Board, Zagreb Tourism Board and Kvarner Tourism Board, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism in Croatia, is an initiative held by Green Destinations, and international foundation for Sustainable Destination Management. This year’s event will offer more than 30 presentations and panel sessions on the topic of Green Solutions for Destinations, as well as the presentation of the 2019 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations.
Opening of the event by the Croatian Minister of Tourism
Wednesday, October 9, the event will be opened by the Croatian Minister of Tourism Mr. Gari Cappelli. Important national and international destination leaders will present their experiences and challenges in sustainable destination management.
The event will count with many speakers.

Mali Lošinj, an example of good practice in sustainable management
The town of Mali Lošinj is the place with the largest merchant marine of the Croatian Islands. They are considered as an example of good tourism management and sustainable practices. In 2016 they won the European ETIS Award and in 2018 and 2019 the destination has been a winner of the ‘Best of Top 100 Awards’ at ITB Berlin, the world’s leading tourism trade show. Great attention is being given by the municipality to preserve its natural and cultural resources and it promotes itself as health and sports destination. The city of Mali Lošinj has set sustainable tourism development goals in their tourism strategy and aims to achieve them by the year 2020. The event at Mali Lošinj provides participants with excellent opportunities to visit the region and surroundings, as well as to learn from their sustainability challenges, dilemmas, and solutions.
Special parallel panels with international experts
In parallel workshop panels 6 different topics will be discussed in detail: [1] Spreading tourism over space and time: managing hotspots and developing new ‘green destinations’, [2] Tourism to support local communities, culture & tradition, [3] Tourism to support nature and biodiversity, [4] Marketing a sustainable destination, [5] Facing the carbon & climate challenge in tourism, incl. soft mobility [5] Water and Waste management and how to reduce the use of plastics. Destinations and businesses all over the world were invited to submit their best practice stories from these subjects, and the best were chosen to present their cases. Attendees to the event will be able to join the live panels in any of the topics.

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