• s 26.9.2023. - 4.11.2023.

Silver Drops - The Secret of Great Seaweed by the Karniš family

Location: Mali Lošinj, Fritzi Gallery
Time: 26.9.-4.11.2023.

The exhibition "Silver Drops - The Secret of the Great League", by the author duo Iskra Karniš Vidovič and Davor Karniš, evokes the atmosphere of January 1945, when Unije had 639 inhabitants (today there are ten times less). Then, while returning from a landing operation on Ista, three torpedo boats of the German Navy ran aground on the Union. After the dramatic stranding, several attempts to break away followed over the course of six days, and the Union was occupied by as many as eighty German soldiers. Fortunately, there were no casualties. On January 16, 1945, after the British torpedo boats spotted stranded German torpedo boats, they fired torpedoes and anti-aircraft guns at them, and one German torpedo boat was destroyed, while the other two were severely damaged. Therefore, the German crews were ordered on January 17 to mine their own boats, and the sailors were evacuated. After the departure of the Germans for Pula, the Unionists rushed to the scene of the accident and found a lot of interesting and useful objects and valuable material. By means of descriptions, naval reports and local memories, rich pictorial contributions and original exhibits (torpedo boat parts and equipment), the emphasis of this exhibition is on the presentation of those fast and elegant, but also deadly German torpedo boats, as well as on the strength of the island spirit and creativity of the inhabitants of Unije.

Exhibition opening: free entry

During the duration of the exhibition:
HRK 35.00 – adults
HRK 25.00 – children from 12 to 18 years old

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