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Lošinj sails around the world festival

“Lošinj Sails around the World” Festival is dedicated to the rich maritime and shipbuilding tradition of the island of Lošinj. 

The idea to create this kind of festival originated from the desire for preservation, revitalization and tourist valorization of the maritime heritage, through the revival and presentation of the historical and cultural heritage of Lošinj maritime affairs, which lived its golden age from 1853 to 1884.

This segment of Lošinj history was chosen for tourism promotion because of its specificity and intent to bring to the Lošinj guests, as well as to the local population, a rich and overly interesting life of brave, devoted and capable Lošinj sailors, shipbuilders and shipowners who made this island, which is actually unsuitable for the development of the shipping industry, the centre of the maritime affairs of the eastern Mediterranean of the 19th century.

During this Festival, everyone interested will get an insight into the rich maritime heritage of Lošinj, history will be revived while sticking to the historical facts, and Lošinj will be promoted through tourism and marketing activities as the destination of the "revived maritime history" hitherto unknown to the wider public.


08 September – 6th Lošinj Regatta of pasara boats with oars, Mali Lošinj - port, start at 10:30 am 
- Promenade: Wind Orchestra & Lošinj majorettes, from 10:00 am
- Concert: The Tu i Tamo Band

11-15 September Little School of Shipbuilding - creative workshop on the construction of a wooden ship, 2.4-3 meters long

14 September - Night regatta of traditional boats, starting at 8:00 pm, band concert on a ship

15-16 September 36th Lošinj Regatta - Regatta of Lošinj’s Olympians - Navigation regatta Mali Lošinj - Susak - Ilovik - Mali Lošinj, start at 11:00 am
                    - “Štap” regatta of in-port sailing

15 SeptemberLošinj Maritime Evening, folklore, wind orchestra, majorette and klapa (traditional a cappella choir) performances 
            - displays and exhibits of maritime tradition along the Riva lošinjskih kapetana waterfront, from 6:00 pm
            - culinary offer on the excursion boats
            - raffle at 8:00 pm 
            - premiere of the documentary on the Mini Transat regatta, from 9:00 pm
            - concert of the Croatian music group Neno Belan & Fiumens, from 9:00 pm 
            - “Štap” regatta of in-port sailing
            - Award ceremony on the main stage

           - Klapa Rišpet, fireworks - Nerezine, Trg Studenac square

 - Pozdrav kapetanu (Farewell to the Captain) – a performance depicting a send-off to seafarers at the Annunziata church

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

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