Lošinj transversal

On the main road towards Čikat and Sunčana cove, turn towards industrial zone at the crossroads with traffic lights. Go straight and after 500 metres, turn left at a little crossroads. 

After 1 km of a slight climb you will reach Umpiljak hill (171 m) which offers one of the most beautiful views of Mali Lošinj, the whole bay, islands of Susak, Srakane, and Unije, Osoršćica mountain, Punta Križa and Velebit mountain. 

From Umpiljak we can go down to Valdarke cove, but we will continue climbing up, passing the Kalvarija hill. Here we see two ways to Veli Lošinj and Mala Draga cove, and after 2.5 km we reach St. John's hill (sv. Ivan, 231 m) with a chapel built in 1755. The view is breathtaking. Below us there are Veli Lošinj, Palacol and Oruda islands, on the right Male and Vele Orjule islands, with islands of Rab, Pag and the mountain of Velebit in the distance. On the other side we see the unity of the sky and the sea, and during nice weather, we can see the Italian coast. It was exactly here in 1999, between islands of Vele Orjule and Lošinj, that Apoxyomenos was found. The bronze statue will be permanently exposed in Mali Lošinj in Kvarner Palace.

An old story contributes to the significance of the St. John lookout. In the time of sailing ships, the children from Lošinj would climb the hill and wait to spot ships on the horizon, notifying the whole village that someone is coming back home.

We continue south. Below St. John's lookout there are paths that take us to Veli Lošinj, or Krivica and Balvanida coves on the other side of the island. After a 4 km stroll, a view of Ilovik and St. Peter's island opens before us, and in the distance we can spot islands of Zadar archipelago – Premuda, Silba, Olib and others. We then continue descending to Mrtvaška cove, which is the farthermost point of the island of Lošinj and the end of our walk. Before us is the island of Ilovik which can be reached by taxi boats that organise transfers from Mrtvaška to the island (10-15 min). Information available on the info panel in Mrtvaška cove. You can continue your walk on the left via Dolphin way towards coves of Trasorka, Jamna, Kriška to reach Veli Lošinj or on the right via coves of Balvanida, Krivica, Sunčana and Čikat to reach Mali Lošinj.

Technical characteristics:

Highest point: Grgošćak 242 m

Total length of the paths: 10 km

Walking time: 3 hours

Terrain: asphalt, karst (smaller part)

Suitable for: walking, bikes (MTB)

Lošinj transversal

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