Lošinj Natural Cosmetics Mirta

Natural Cosmetics "Mirta" is a line of cosmetic products based on medicinal herbs and vegetable and essential oils characteristic of the Lošinj-Cres archipelago. All our products are enriched with 100% natural ingredients of the finest oils which are easily absorbed by the skin, being similar to the skin's own natural oils.

Thanks to these products, your skin will breathe better, look healthier and more beautiful, and long after application the smell of your skin will remind you of this distinctive archipelago!

They are very similar to the skin texture thus it will integrate it successfully into its structure.

The “Scents of Lošinj” product range was created in response to a demand for such products among visitors who wanted to buy something special for their friends and family. The gift boxes also make a great gift that helps promote the island of Lošinj. An elegant white box in the shape of a book contains 6 compartments with 6 different soaps (lavender, immortelle, rosemary, laurel, mint, and lemon). The soaps are made with natural ingredients, and infused with dried herbs and herbal and essential oils. The lavender gift box also contains two lavender-based products, a hand cream with almond oil, shea butter and a lavender hydrolate and essential oil, as well as an exfoliating facial scrub made from Aloe vera, ground olive pits and lavender essential oil. The hand cream is suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, and has strong nourishing and moisturising effects. The facial scrub is used for a deep facial cleansing. The immortelle gift box has a natural colour and comes with 2 products – immortelle oil (15 ml) and an immortelle and orange soap with pieces of felt made from Cres wool. The oil has anti-ageing effects and can be applied on the face or body, while the soap is used for exfoliation on dry or wet skin or for showering.
• gift box with 6 soaps (price: HRK 270)
• lavender gift box (HRK 160) 
• immortelle gift box (HRK 130) 

 A natural balm that combines the extraordinary benefits of medicinal herbs from the island of Lošinj (immortelle, calendula, St. John’s wort, lavender, and myrtle). The plants are used to make the finest macerate preparations with healing properties. When combined in this heavenly balm and enhanced with essential oils, they make a great addition to any home pharmacy.
HRK 80 (50 ml)
HRK 30 (20 ml)

For your fragrant shower pleasure...
Nina Bašić-Marković, MD, recommends: "Daily use of natural soap is a way of returning to nature and a simple alternative for people with sensitive skin, as well as all those who wish to avoid unwanted irritants. This natural soap nourishes the skin, hydrates and regenerates, preventing early signs of skin aging, as well as various skin problems. "In contact with water, it turns into a rich, creamy foam and smells irresistible. Dried and ground laurel leaves help mechanically remove impurities and dead cells. Combined with sweet orange essential oil, it has antiseptic and bactericidal qualities, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, prevents fluid retention in the body and reduces swelling. Laurel and sweet orange make a remarkable blend which helps when recovering from the disease because they reduce chronic fatigue and lethargy. Sweet orange essential oil is suitable for treating rough, irritated, tired skin prone to irritation and acne. Your skin will be grateful, and your mind playful and ready for new challenges because, remember, the laurel is a symbol of victory!"
Use: on a daily basis for showering and hand washing. For optimal skin care it is recommended to use it in combination with LAUREL&ORANGE BODY SCRUB.

The power of natural ingredients for radiant skin…
How to restore radiance to the skin and remove fatigue in the busy and stressful everyday life? In a simple way that does not require too much time and affects your entire body – a scrub!
Sea salt and dried ground laurel remove dead cells, along with various impurities and accumulated toxins. At the same time it promotes better blood circulation, reduces fluid retention in the body, calms your mind, and lifts up your spirit. Since ancient times, olive oil has been traditionally used for getting beautiful and glowing skin. Naturally rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, it nourishes the skin, stimulates its regeneration and restores its elasticity. Laurel essential oil especially stimulates the flow of lymph and blood and is a common ingredient in preparations used to treat muscle pains, arthritis and cold and swollen feet. As an active ingredient in this product, it will encourage further detoxification by stimulating liver and kidney functions.
Orange essential oil affects the body in a similar way – it stimulates the lymph flow, reduces swelling, and is efficient against cellulite. Warm scent of sweet orange dispels negative thoughts and pessimism, and it is recommended for people suffering from lack of energy or depression. It  gently brings warmth of the sun to your spirit.
Use: once a week apply a thin layer to damp skin after showering, massage gently from the feet towards the heart and rinse off. For optimal anti-cellulite effect, use in combination with LAUREL&ORANGE NATURAL SOAP.
Nina Bašić-Marković, MD, recommends: “The use of this product after a long day will do wonders for your skin, leaving it with an exceptional glow. It will free you from stress and fatigue and cheer up your mind.”

The power of nature in the safest, gentlest formulas...
Lemon eucalyptus essential oil has a deodorizing effect, prevents odour caused by the contact of sweat and bacteria and at the same time does not interfere with the body's natural cooling mechanism of perspiration.
The scent of lemon eucalyptus refreshes, revitalizes, eliminates fatigue and adds freshness to our daily life. Shea butter helps capillary circulation which increases the supply of oxygen into the tissue and improves elimination of toxins from the body and thus stimulates sweating. It also prevents allergic reactions and irritations, especially after underarm hair removal. Coconut butter softens the skin, restores its elasticity and makes it supple. Its bactericidal and detoxifying effect is also something that should not be ignored.
Use: on a daily basis, as needed - on clean, dry armpits.
Nina Bašić-Marković, MD, recommends: “In addition to the scent, convenience and efficiency, when choosing a deodorant you should also think about your health! By applying this product, you will get a completely natural protection from unpleasant odours and at the same time keep all natural functions of the body.”
• Mali Lošinj
Hotel „Bellevue“, Delikates shop, Čikat bb
Hotel „Alhambra“, Alhambra spa, Čikat bb
Hotel „Aurora“, Trgovina Futura, Sunčana uvala bb
Hotel „Vespera“, Trgovina Futura, Sunčana uvala bb
Mare mare Suites, Riva lošinjskih kapetana 36
Ljekarna Kaštel farm, Veloselska cesta 33
Ljekarna Snjezana Muskardin, Riva loš. kapetana bb
Turisticka agencija «Manora”, Priko 29
Muzej Apoksiomena, Riva lošinjskih kapetana 13
• Veli Lošinj
Hotel „Punta“, IUVENA Studio za njegu lica i tijela, Šestavina bb
Mediterranea trgovina, Šestavina 7
Izletište „Oaza“, Kandija 26
• Nerezine
Hotel „Manora“, Mandalenska 26b
Butiga „Svi gušti“, Trg Studenac bb
• Cres
Turistička agencija „Croatia“, Cons 10
• Rijeka
Robna kuća „Korzo“, Nail bar Promineo, Koblerov trg 1
Suvenirnica „Manufaktura“, Riva 2
• Opatija
Suvenirnica „Manufaktura“, Maršala Tita 112
Hotel „Ambasador“ 
• Zagreb
Kantarion, Martićeva 14c
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SLUH , obrt za trgovinu, proizvodnju, usluge i savjetovanje, Zagrebačka 8
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