Marina Kajkara

Sheep – scented pendant 
Little girl Gina 
The ZOO of Cres and Losinj

1. Sheep – scented pendant
The souvenir is made of natural wool by felting technique, decorated with silk ribbon, and it is filled with lavender.
2. Little girl Gina
A girl from Susak, the neighbouring island, with her specific and colourful traditional costume, is an endless inspiration of many art pieces, including this one. Our accessories – handbag pendants or brooches, are an attempt to unite the spirit of pastimes with the modern look.
3. The ZOO of Cres and Losinj
Why shouldn’t our islands have a ZOO? To make this wish come true, we have created Janko Lavanko, Tina the dolphin, and Ikar the griffon vulture. Each of these souvenirs can be bought separately, or you can combine them to create the island’s very own ZOO.

Souvenirs can be ordered by phone and e-mail.
T: +385 91 541 4609

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