Milica Grkinić

Houses on the Coastline and Lighthouses 
Houses on the Coastline and Lighthouses – Magnets

It is impossible to walk through the towns of our archipelago and not experience this specific symbiosis of man and nature.  

Lovely coastal towns have blended in with the Mediterranean environment to create an inexhaustible source of motivation and ideas. The magnets are made during the winter time while the “bura” and “jugo” winds blow, rains fall and being inside a home feels comfortable. The pebbles and glass are coloured separately, dried and then glued together as details are drawn on them. 

Points of sale:
1. F. and M. souvenirs, Creskih kapetana 3, Cres
2. ZET Crafts, Beli 36, Beli
3. Helm t.o., Lubenice,
4. Shop Oliva - Mali and Veli Lošinj
5. Vespera and Aurora souvenir shop (Familiy Hotel Vespera, Wellness Hotel Aurora, Mali Lošinj)
6. Vukorep d.o., souvenir shops Mali and Veli Lošinj
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Milica Grkinić
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