Mountain Lodge- Sv. Gavdent

Sv. Gavdent Mountain Lodge The Lodge is located on the north side of Mount Osoršćica on the Mažova Gora peak (274 m). 
The Mountain Lodge is operated by the Sv. Gavdent Mountaineering Association and is open every day between 1 April and 1 October and on weekends only outside this period. 
The Mountain Lodge offers simple food (grill, stew, soups…) and refreshing drinks to everyone.
The Lodge can accommodate 16 persons in a common bedroom and also has a terrace seating 50 persons and a lounge for 20 persons. The Mountain Lodge has no running water, electricity is provided by a generator, and the sanitary facilities are separate from the Lodge. Accommodation is only provided to members of mountaineering associations. 
The Sv. Gavdent Mountain Lodge has operated for 12 years – it used to be an Italian military watching facility as it provides a beautiful view of the islands of Susak and Unije, peaks of Učka, and the towns of Osor, Ustrine and Martinšćica. 
The easiest way to reach the Mountain Lodge is from Osor (around 60 minutes on foot), most of the route is passable by a passenger car, while off-road vehicles can go the entire way. 


Lodge Keeper: Zdravko Rotim 

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