• s 4.10.2023. - 8.10.2023.

National Championship of the Republic of Croatia in BIG FISH hunting

Location: Lošinj island
Time: 4.-8.10.2023.

Approximately 15 teams (4 competitors per team) are expected to attend the national championship of the Republic of Croatia in big fish hunting, which will be held on Lošinj from October 4 to 8, 2023.

The competition program lasts 4 days:
Day 1: Opening
Day 2: Day 1 of the competition
Day 3: Day 2 of the competition
4th Day: 3rd day of the competition and announcement of the winner

The method of hunting is "catch and release", so there is no weighing of the catch, but the catch is measured immediately on the vessel.

After the end of the official part of the competition, a festive dinner and gathering for the competitors will be organized.

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