To the left of the main road, at the foot of Osoršćica hill, lies Nerezine, the first village we encounter on the Island of Lošinj. 
The village is dominated by the Franciscan Church bell tower and monastery (15th century). The church interior is filled with religious art, including the lovely painting of the Virgin with a child of an unknown Venetian painter from the 15th century.  
Nerezine is a village which gradually grew from field labouring and sheepherding to a fishing and seafaring settlement, with a shipyard known for its skilled workmen and construction of wooden ships. The old dockyard is still operational, and a new marina, which will enrich the tourist offer, is under construction.
Two resorts, two camping sites, two new, small family hotels, as well as a large number of private rooms and apartments, offer pleasant accommodation, whereas the restaurants offer delicious cuisine. 
In the centre of Nerezine, on the main square and the waterfront, there is free Wi-Fi.

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