• s 18/05/2019 - 30/05/2019

Open Air Exhibition Entitled Friends of the Sea Unparalleled Blue – North Adriatic

Location: Riva lošinjskih kapetana, Mali Lošinj
Time: 18.-30.5.2019.

For the tenth year in a row, an attractive exhibition that is a part of a project entitled “Friends of the Sea“ will be visiting the squares and quays of the Croatian Adriatic. During May 2019, the exhibition will be seen by more than a million visitors in 13 Croatian destinations. This year, under the name of "Unparalleled Blue – North Adriatic", “Friends of the Sea“ will be visiting Riva lošinjskih kapetana in Mali Lošinj between May 18th and 30th, 2019.

About the “Friends of the Sea“ project: in 2009, Livingstone, a cultural association from Rijeka, and the company Astoria, conceptualised a national cultural – tourism campaign entitled “Friends of the Sea“. The goal is to focus on the role of photography in the media culture, social responsibility and permanent value of promoting life on the Adriatic by exhibiting large format photographs in the open to the Croatian public and all visitors in 13 Croatian cities during the summer months. Following the trilogies featuring the undersea, sea surface and Mediterranean essays, historical series from the beginning of the century, the 50s and the 60s, the ninth year brings a type of homage to the golden age of fine art photography with the motifs of present-day Adriatic.  

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