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Promenade of Vitality

Our walk towards Veli Lošinj starts at Kadin cove which is at the very entrance of the town of Mali Lošinj. It is a concrete path that takes us along the eastern coast of Lošinj, passing on our way coves Kadin, Zagazinjine and Bojčić, all the way to little fishing port of St. Martin, the oldest part of Mali Lošinj that was the first settlement on the island in the 12th century. 

We continue down the footpath around the hill of Roses which brings us to Valdarke cove. Unfortunately, this path is not suitable for bikes so we recommend to take right from St. Martin's cove, go up the hill to the main road, continue left until the junction towards Veli Lošinj and come down to Valdarke cove.

Time seems to have stood still in Valdarke cove. The path will take you towards the open sea and bring you the view of the islands of Cres, Rab, Pag, Oruda and Palacol. Take a deep breath! Let your heart speak to the sky and the sea, and take the images and experiences home with you!
The sign will then point you towards the Valeškura cove (Valle Oscura). Because of the steep coast and thick pine tree forest that surrounds it, the sea in this cove seems dark. Leave the dark cove and shadow of pine trees and turn your eyes towards north, where Lošinj and Cres become one, the Osoršćica mountain overlooking them.
The path takes you to Vitality Hotel Punta and blue flag beaches. Standing before you is Veli Lošinj.
You've reached your goal, treat yourselves and enjoy!

Technical characteristics:
Highest point: 10 m
Total length of the paths: 7 km
Walking time: marked on the map for each section
Terrain: concrete, soil (smaller part)
Suitable for: walking, bikes (all kinds)

Promenade of Vitality
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