Punta Križa

Located on the southernmost part of the island of Cres, it is a true natural gem with rich flora and fauna. To go to Punta Križa means to wander off into the green, this is the kingdom of pine tree forests and shrubs, green meadows where the sheep graze, and herds of deer walk past by. 

Nowhere else will you be able to see such an indented coast, full of lonely coves and capes with crystal blue sea that washes their shores. Punta Križa is a real oasis and a landscape of peace.

Punta Križa is easily reached from Osor. After 200 m, turn right off the road and continue down an old road that used to connect Osor to Punta Križa. On your way you will see many shepherds' dwellings which are mostly deserted, but they used to be crowded with people and their cattle. Another interesting feature of Punta Križa are churches which are remote from the settlements and each of them has their story. For example, the church of St. Plato built during the Bizantine rule of the islands (7th- 9th c.), and church of St. Vidus built on a rath, a prehistoric tumulus. Like many, it is now deserted and without a roof. Last time that it was in use was in 1844 for a wedding ceremony.

The paths take you to the southernmost part of Punta Križa, cape St. Damian's, and on the other side to Punta Križa village, over shepherds' dwellings Murtovnik, Matalda, Grmožaj, Loze, towards settlements of Verin, Plat, Srem and further towards Belej.
Don't forget to explore the cave Jami na sredi where remains of a paleolithic hunter were found, dated 7.000 years B.C. Also, climb the Vela Straža hill where you can find a lookout with a breathtaking view of the whole Punta Križa area.

General information:

- Walking on the more difficult paths requires wearing sports shoes or hiking shoes, and you are advised to carry water or juice, especially in summer.

- Do not ruin centuries old stone walls (gromače). In case a stone caves in, put it back into its place.

- Please close wooden hatches (lese) behind you.

- If you come across an animal, act naturally, stand still and watch.

- Follow the signs. Do not go down the paths that have not been marked. Many sideways and paths are old and not suitable for walking.

Technical characteristics:

Highest point: Vela straža 154 m

Total length of the paths: about 50 km

Walking time: marked on the map for each section

Terrain: asphalt, macadam, soil

Suitable for: walking and bikes (MTB)

Punta Križa

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