Respect island`s nature & tradition

Punta Križa

Punta Križa is a real national park rich in flora and fauna. On the way to Osor, turn off the main road and journey into greenery.
Nowhere will you find so many forests, true Mediterranean landscapes displaying a rich play of colours, from dark green shady pine forests, through green meadows where one can encounter a herd of fallow deer in a peaceful walk, to the azure sea that surrounds it. Deep and secluded bays lure in with their intimacy and provide a safe haven for boats.
Punta Križa is an oasis of perfect peace.
Large and well-equipped campsite, a part of which is reserved for naturists, is washed by the warm sea whose mysterious depths reveal their secrets to the fans of underwater diving and photo safari adventures.   

The town has stores, a tavern serving homemade specialties and a tourist infirmary. The offer of well-organized and well-regulated private accommodation is also enriched by the offer in the two nearby places.  

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