• s 1.7.2023. - 30.9.2023.

The Karniš Ethnographic Collection

The Karniš Ethnographic Collection will be displayed in the Torać Gallery and available to audiences from 20 until 22 hours.

The collection was compiled on Unije and contains items used by the people of Unije at the time they lived off the land and the sea and offers valuable insight into old trades and tools used for land preparation and planting, agriculture, threshing and winnowing, fruit farming and fruit tree grafting, viticulture and cooperage, cattle farming and fishing, carpentry and woodworking, shoemaking and creating household craft items (furniture, crockery, lamps, etc.), various textile items and clothing, and even old school desks.

Davor Karniš, owner of the collection, and his wife Branka Karniš created the collection from found objects and occasional donations from friends and acquaintances from Unije. The collection does not have a permanent display and requires an adequate space for display and preservation.
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