Unije is the biggest island surrounding Lošinj. Thanks to its favourable position, water springs and fertile ground, Unije was populated throughout the history. The name of the island probably comes from Greek (he)neios, meaning “field”.
Unije can be reached by boat from Mali Lošinj or catamaran from Rijeka, Pula and Zadar. You will notice that there are no cars on the island and the only means of transport are little tractors that the locals use to carry goods from the ship and to work in their fields.

The paths go on the right (towards south) and Unije field, over the hill to Maračuol cove, and on the left (towards north) to Vele stijene (big rocks) and lookout on cape Hartina. On our way to Unije field we pass the cemetery and the church of St. Andrew, patron saint of the island. Here we also see a little airport used to connect Unije with Lošinj. Suitable for little aircrafts.

We go left by the airport and after about 20 minutes we reach the end of the field and lighthouse on cape Vnetak. On your way you will meet many animals: sheep, goats, horses, cows, pheasants, partridges, rabbits, and others so we kindly ask you not to go near them or disturb them.
We take the same way back and at the airport we turn right to reach the southernmost point of the island, cape Arbit. The path is either soil or macadam, and most of our way is through olive groves. After 5 km we reach cape Arbit and the view of Male and Vele Srakane and Susak opens, while on our left we see Lošinj with hiking transversal Osoršćica, Ćunski field and cape Kurila.

We continue towards Maračuol cove and after 2 km of macadam, we reach sand making this path unsuitable for bikes. There are no high climbs, but the way takes us by stone walls and the sea. After 4 km on a light raise, the path connects to the way that goes from the village towards Maračuol cove. We reach a little hill above the village and a chapel where we have a view of the whole village and Unije field. We go to the main path from the village and turn towards Maračuol cove, a place of former fish factory. Today it is used by many yachtsmen as berth.

We go down for 1 km and reach Maračuol and former fish factory. The road is macadam with partial asphalt, suitable for bikes. From Maračuol we continue by an old Roman way across a little bridge. After 200 metres there is a branch on the right to reach Podkujni cove, 20 minutes away. We walk further to the northernmost point of the island, Goligna cove. After 5 km of macadam, we reach a great plain. On our right is Malondarski hill (57 m). From here we can continue to Goligna cove on foot only. After 2 km we reach the beautiful Goligna cove with two pebbled beaches. On our right are Osoršćica and Ustrine, while in front of us we see Zeća island and Martinšćica village in the distance.
We take the same way back, crossing the little bridge in Maračuol cove. We then turn right and climb to the lookout on cape Hartina. Here we find remains of a World War II bunker. On our left we see Vele stijene (big rocks). We continue to Za smokve cove or take the footpath over the Križ hill (109 m) back to the village. If you're on a bike, go back to Maračuol cove and take the footpath back to the village.

Accommodation on Unije is possible in rooms and apartments in typical houses with broad gabled facades. There are a few taverns in the village offering rich menus. We recommend calamari prepared in many ways. We invite you to visit Unije in November when Unije lignjada (calamari fishing competition) takes place.

Technical characteristics:

Highest point: Križ hill (109 m)

Total length of the paths: about 30 km

Walking time: marked on the map for each section

Terrain: macadam, soil and karst

Suitable for: walking and bikes (MTB)

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