Only a few kilometers from Belej, descending down the beach towards the west, lies Ustrine, where the ruins of ancient villas and the remains of vast amounts of old tiles, urns and pottery bear witness to the origin of a Roman settlement.

Ustrine is a small settlement of sheep-farmers and fishermen situated at the edge of a rugged area. From a height of 180 metres, it slopes steeply towards the sea, proudly overlooks Kvarner and blue and purple scape of Istria. You will be charmed by the hospitality of simple and friendly hosts who offer accommodation in the area. 

Seafood and fresh fish are the specialities of the small inn in the centre of the village, and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Ustrine at the time of traditional folk festivities, you will have the chance to enjoy the traditional island music. 

From the Romanesque church of St. Martin, a paved road slopes down to a sheltered bay surrounded by a sandy beach.

Unforgettable mornings and sunsets in a mystical, mysterious landscape reveal a new dimension of time and space.

Pharmacy: none
Post Office: none
Bank: none
ATM: none
Exchange Office: none 
Tourist Agency: none
Port Authority: none
Bicycle, motorbike, car and boat rental: none
Marina / Port:
Lučka uprava Lošinj
Grocery Store:
Ustrine 37, vl. Bešlagić
Business Hours: 10 June – 25 September
Panorama, Ustrine 43, +385 51 524 022
Business Hours: 01 May  – 01 October, 9 a.m. – 12 a.m.
Cafe Bar: none
Beach Bar: none
Internet: not available

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