Vele i Male Srakane

West of Lošinj, between Unije and Susak, there are two small islands – Vele and Male Srakane (“large and small“ Srakane). The larger of the two, as the name suggests, Vele Srakane, is north of Male Srakane and south of the Island of Unije. 
Vele Srakane is 2.5 km long, with surface area of 1.2 km2.  On the hill of Vela straža, 60 m above sea level, there is a prehistoric hill-fort. The old citadel is the remain of a semi-circular wall of a former fortress which was used as a defence against sea raiders. A tombstone from Roman times is embedded in the corner of Skrivanić House. 
There is not a single harbourage along the coast and a small pier in Gornja Trata Bay is where a boat from Mali Lošinj docks. 
In Vele Srakane there is a church dedicated to St. Ana and in Male Srakane a church dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and these feast days are the only days when parish priests from Susak and Ćunj come to say mass. 
By arriving at Vele Srakane you leave the civilisation behind. You cannot use your car on the island. Srakane is connected with Mali Lošinj by a boat line and in order for the ship to dock at Srakane you must warn the ship's crew loud and clear in advance. There are no shops on the island, so all the groceries, including water, have to be taken with you.
There are altogether 8 people who live on Vele Srakane outside the tourist season. This is when a complete peace reigns. 
Srakane offers diversity and peace of a somewhat deserted place which only comes alive in the summer months.

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