Austrian archduke Carl Stephen

The shipyard disappeared, but a small cutter called Palamida moored on 6 May 1885, carrying a visitor who would determine the further destiny not only of Veli Lošinj, but the entire island – it was the 25-year old Austrian Archduke Carl Stephen (Karl Stephan). 

He came incognito, in search of a good spot to build his summer residence. He fell in love with Veli Lošinj at first sight, bought a captain’s house in the town port and became not only an honorary citizen, but also a favourite “occasional” fellow citizen over the next 30 years. 

His arrival started the golden age of Lošinj tourism.

 Did you know?

Only a week after his wedding in Vienna, Austrian Archduke Carl Stephen (Karl Stephan) brought his young wife, Royal Princess Theresa (Maria Theresia), to Veli Lošinj. Immediately after the formal welcome reception, the newlyweds visited the parish church that would become an important part of their religious lives.

Their daughters Eleonora and Renata and their firstborn son Karl Albrecht received their first communion there and his entire family was consecrated in 1899 to the Holy Heart of Jesus. At that occasion, he donated a wooden statue of the Holy Heart of Jesus and Archduchess Theresa put the church under her high patronage.

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