Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them – they always aim to provide a quality professional service. In addition to accommodation, they offer their guests car, bicycle and scooter rental and they sell tickets to certain events. Contact them with trust any time of the year! 
Our fragrant tourist agency is a part of the tourist project Fragrances and tastes of Lošinj. The agency, as well as our apartments and rooms, is decorated with autochthonous plants from Lošinj and you can smell discrete aromatherapy oils in all rooms. For our guests who are staying longer than 7 days we have prepared a small gift. Our renters have decorated their gardens and terraces with autochthonous plants from the Lošinj archipelago and you can enjoy natural aromatherapy in the magnificent air of Lošinj.
We set out to bring you the “Around the World with Lošinj Sails” project, developed in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj, striving to promote tourism and the island of Lošinj as a tourist destination. By reviving and recalling our eventful history, cultural heritage and Lošinj's maritime tradition, especially its golden era (1853-1884), we wish to introduce you to the glorious past of our archipelago. The golden era of Lošinj's history has been selected as the theme running through our promotional activities, because it is quite unique and thus a good way of revealing to travelers and local people how rich and intriguing the lives of our courageous, devoted and competent seafarers, shipbuilders and shipowners really were and how their strength made this island a maritime centre of the nineteenth- century Eastern Mediterranean. 
Guests staying with us will be able to participate in storytelling sessions, hear interesting tales of our maritime past and have unforgettable experiences by taking part in a variety of themed events, or simply relax and daydream in their rooms enjoying the pictures of old sailboats hanging on the walls. Various presentations will take place giving you the chance to see the traditional apparel worn by Lošinj women, hear navy and sea tales, and learn interesting details about the quality of seawater, fish species, gastronomy and local specialties. We organize fishing competitions and sea life education programs. You will be able to buy sea-themed souvenirs and natural cosmetics with essential oils from our island once upon a time used by our captains and their wives. Children will have the opportunity to paint and design their own picture books about Lošinj’s captains and we will all enjoy savory domestic food specials and maybe some legendary moments from our ancestors' lives will be staged. 
We have no doubt that you will feel at home while staying with us. See you soon. Welcome! 
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