The offer of local products/services: 

Apoxyomenos' souvenirs - cup
Original Lošinj souvenirs:
Adriatic fish
Boat building in Croatia
Lošinj's buildings
Lošinj through the window
Lošinj's pasara sailboat - 3D
Lošinj Sails Around the World - 5 sailboats on a cup:
- Contessa Hilda
- Deveron
- Ferdinando re D'Ungheria
- Imperatrice Elisabetta
- Pasara sailboat).
Cup – Panoramic views of Lošinj
Gecko magnet
Gecko - large
the essence of immortelle and lavender
Osor oil lamps
Amphorae of the Lošinj archipelago
Antique pottery
Scent of Lošinj (immortelle and lavender in a small terracotta vase).

Prizes / awards / certificates:

- ‘Čarobnjak’ souvenir shop – winner of the Blue Flower award - I Love Croatia in 2007                                        - Employee of the year 2014 - Nevenka Todorić Mehmeti
- Award for participation in the campaign 'Antiquity on the island of Lošinj’
- Acknowledgments to Čazim Mehmeti for conducting international ceramic workshops and colonies
- Recognition for the ‘Čarobnjak’ souvenir shop - Satisfaction of the locals - "2015 Tourism on the island of Lošinj"

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