Garden of fine scents

In the Lošinj Aromatic Garden we offer a wide selection of local handicrafts from liqueurs, aromatic oils, teas ...
1. Aromatized sea salt 
Before Vegeta was invented, granny used to pick aromatic herbs and mix them with sea salt to make food even tastier. This product was made according to granny's secret recipe and entirely of domestic ingredients.
2. Myrtle liqueur
Myrtle is a Mediterranean shrub tree that has found its way into many songs because of its beauty since the age of Ancient Greece to Goethe. This holy shrub abounds in the Lošinj area.
3. Fragrant herbal liqueur „My Island“ 
The fragrant herbal liqueur „My Island“ – the new liqueur from Lošinj produced by Sandra's original protected recipe from young leaves of aromatic plants (sage, pine, lavender, verbena and winter savoury) exclusively picked in the fragrant habitats on Lošinj.
A glass of this liqueur makes a man feel relaxed, whether he drinks it as an aperitif or a digestive. With its non-typical greenish colour and a specific herbal taste, this liqueur sublimates the wealth of scents of Lošinj’s landscapes.
4. Fragrant sachet
Made from natural materials, with various fragrant plants inside, picked on our island with dried, cut thin leaves of laurel, olive, where we can add different essential oils according to fragrant months, and refresh our rooms.
5. Lemon liqueur
It is made from home-grown Lošinj lemons and prepared according to an old recipe.
6. Lošinj tea
A tea mixture of various types of island herbs from the recipe of Sandra’s granny.
7. Fragrances and flavours of Lošinj
Fragrances and flavours of Lošinj's basket of souvenirs comprise:
Myrtle liqueur - "Apoksiomen"
Myrtle liqueur – "Playful Dolphins"
Lošinj tea
Perfumed shells
Lošinj herb - flavoured brandy
Lošinj perfumed bouquet
Lošinj wonder-working balm
Lošinj spice
8. Apoxyomenos cosmetics line:
lip balm
body oil
scrub soap
In the making of the souvenirs, “Apoxyomenos herbs” were used – the plants found inside the bronze sculpture. This special skin care line is unique on the market and it includes products that could easily have been used by the real Apoxyomenos.

9. Fragrant Lošinj Candy

The candy (hard candy without a filling) is made with a natural pine tree aroma supplement characteristic for Lošinj. It has been adapted to the modern technological process and certificates of confectionary products. The aromatic candy is intended for all island guests as a sweet reminder of Lošinj and its scents. 

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About the author:
Sandra Nicolich
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