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The amulet from Osoršćica 
The essential oil holder
Bread oven
‘Puneštrica sa škurima’ - A narrow window with wooden shutters
Domestic table
1. The amulet from Osoršćica 
A small stone with the figure of St. Gaudentius. This is an ideal memory of enjoyable climbing on Osoršćica and a total protection against poisonous snakes (in case you ever see them, but for your consolation, there are no snakes on this island). The small stone will also serve as a pencil holder on your desk.
2. The essential oil holder
A simple souvenir, if you put a paper tissue in it and add several drops of essential oil originating from island’s distillates, you will get a wonderful ambience. Leave it on the table or hang it onto the wall, it preserves the nobility of the olive tree and the part of the island’s nature. 
3. Bread oven
Every household had one, and once upon a time bread was baked in it for more than one family. Firstly it smelled of smoke, and then of baked bread patiently waited on by hungry children and tired workers. When the oven cooled, the cat would sleep over in it on numerous occasions.
4. ‘Puneštrica sa škurima’ - A narrow window with wooden shutters
That is the first thing we notice on the houses of our little town. When the sun is out, the shutters open, and when the storm comes from the Kvarner, they are all closed. Nevertheless, one can always see what is new through the narrow window....
5. Domestic table
Who can stay nonchalant to the very thought of good island cheese and a flagon of good wine. What more does a person need? Even if one doesn’t have it for real, this souvenir will help not to forget the good times and pleasure.

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