Lošinj won the title of European Island of Sport for 2020!

After the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe (Gian Franco Lupatelli, President, Hugo Alonso, Secretary, Bilyana Mircheva, Lukaš Vorel Adams and Danilo Montanari) stayed on the island of Lošinj from May 28 to 30, 2019, when during World Sports Day the entire sporting offer of the island and all sports clubs and associations was presented, Mali Lošinj has officially been given the title of the European Island of Sport for 2020.
During their stay in Lošinj, the Committee gained insight into the entire sports infrastructure of the island, and besides the sports grounds, it was crucial to demonstrate that many locals of different ages spend their leisure time engaged in various sports activities. The highlight of the event, along with the official presentation of the candidacy at the Museum of Apoxyomenos, was a presentation of all sports clubs and associations that are professionally or recreationally engaged in sports that took place in the Bočac sports hall.

 “A great thanks to all sports clubs, institutions, and individuals who were involved in marking World Sports Day and thus helped us in the candidacy for the title 2020 European Island of Sport. Winning this title is a great opportunity for positioning and branding the entire island of Lošinj as a sports destination, with easier access to significant European funds for further investment in sports and sports infrastructure, i.e. the construction of a new sports hall, football field, swimming pools, and bicycle paths. Our island has a long history of sports, numerous teams, and champions in various sports, and each success has contributed to winning this title,” said Mayor Ana Kučić.

Gian Francesco Lupatelli, the president of ACES, stressed that the association is honoured to proclaim Lošinj the European Island of Sport in 2020. Mali Lošinj is an excellent example of a town that demonstrates how to engage everyone in sports, and thus actively participates in improving the quality of health of local people, their education and self-esteem, which are the main goals of ACES Europe.

The award ceremony will be held in November this year at the European Parliament in Brussels when the European Capital of Culture for 2023 will be announced. Malaga holds this prestigious title for 2020, Lisbon for 2021, and Den Haag for 2022.
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