Sailing experience

The Sailing Experience program is intended for all those wishing to experience the beauty and freedom of sailing in the sea, enjoying an environment-friendly lifestyle, relaxed, without the noise of engines and the tension of high velocity.
The program will take place on the Argonaut, a Dehler – Optima 101 boat.
Length: 10.50 m, width: 3.40, draught: 1.80, displacement: 3,800 kg, ballast: 1,800 kg
Mainsail: 27 m2, Genoa sail: 23 m2
Maximum number of passengers: 8 persons

Envisaged tours: 2 hours - HRK 170 / person
Half-day trip: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Price: HRK 1,400
All-day trip: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Price: HRK 2,400

The sailing program includes:
in addition to a very suitable “warning” that sailing is very contagious and creates addiction…
- basic principles of sailing and movements of a sailboat, names and applications of the basic equipment, sailing techniques, an independent steering experience (with the help of the skipper)
- in addition to the basic message concerning the need to listen to the sea, the wind… and the silence… (and perhaps the dolphins) – a feeling that cannot be experienced in any other mean of transportation, except on a sailplane
- a feeling of freedom ensured by sailing and traveling without any specific destination or timeframe

- learning about maritime charts, orientation, basic rules of conduct during sailing, basic boat and crew safety rules, the basic and necessary equipment ensuring a safe and pleasant sailing experience
- information about the boat, the layout and comforts of its interior, as well as the style of living aboard a boat during several-day trips with the aim of encouraging clients to rent the boat for private sailing purposes, skipper training and sailing school
- basic information about the history of Lošinj, the Argonauts, Apsyrtus and Medea, the trail of amber, shipbuilding and seamanship, maritime studies, basic climatic features, research of A. Haračić, tourism development, current offer
- bathing on the islet of Koludarac enjoying the story about the Nautical Concert
- possible night sailing: the basics of astronomical navigation and information about the lighthouses and night sailing
- basic terms used in competition/regatta sailing: possibility of participating in the Lošinj Regatta

Aboard their sailboat, the Argonaut crew offers you a pleasurable experience of the primordial touch between the man and the sea, experienced by the sailors from the ancient times until the present day.The sea and the wind, the murmur of the waves and the roar of the wind, create a magical experience offered to you on a safe and reliable cruise boat, the Argonaut.

The skipper and his sailboat are waiting for you to take you sailing in the azure sea and ensure you a primordial experience.


Since the ancient times until today, the island of Lošinj and its surrounding archipelago have been marked on the most significant sailing routes running from the Northern Adriatic Sea to the Strait of Otranto, and the other way around. During the times when only sailboats were used, the significance of this area was even greater since all sailing routes that connected Venice with all the important commercial ports of the Eastern Mediterranean region, led by the ever-present Istanbul, passed through Lošinj, i.e. the town of Osor and its famous strait.
It is therefore not surprising to learn that numerous legends are associated with this area, including the one about Medea, Jason, the Argonauts and Apsyrtus, the heroes and toponyms from the history of Ancient Greece. Lošinj and Cres and the islets that surround them were collectively called the Apsyrtides during the ancient times. The old locals still retell the following legend: There was a king (Aeetes from Kolhida) that possessed golden fleece. A brave young man called Jason got his hands on the golden fleece with the help of his cunning mind and sorceress Medea (the King's daughter who, of course, fell madly in love with Jason). He escaped on his boat, the Argo, together with his friends, the Argonauts. Apsyrtus, the King's son, used his boat and went in pursuit of the kidnappers. After a long voyage, he caught up with them. Medea deceitfully lured her brother Apsyrtus to come and negotiate, and Jason stealthily killed him. Medea cut up her brother's body and threw the cut-up parts into the sea. The legend says that the Apsyrtides were created from the mortal remains of Apsyrtus.
This somewhat creepy story, as the Greek stories about gods, sorceresses, kings, army chiefs and heroes usually are, full of unexpected twists, jealousy and revenge, left to us a legacy of Greek heroes appearing in the history of Croatian drama, the ancient name for the Lošinj archipelago, as well as the name for the most famous sailors of all times and seas, the Argonauts. The sailboat that has been connecting the past and the present since the ancient times, throughout the glorious age of large sailboats (the island of Lošinj was most famous for in the 19th century), as well as during the time it was used by various sailing athletes, some of which participated in the Olympic Games during the 20th century, is named in their honor.
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