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Original souvenirs from Lošinj and products from Croatian islands: souvenirs made of olive wood.
Hand-crafted without the use of lathes, each item is unique and treated only with olive oil.

 1.  The G candle – from nature, with love
The idea for the candles was conceived in early 2019. They are handmade from beeswax and natural essential oils (lavender, laurel, rosemary, sage), and placed in glass bottles. After the candle has burned down completely, customers can return the bottles in exchange for a new candle or simply keep the bottles and reuse them. All of the ingredients are 100% natural. Beeswax helps with the ionisation of the air, and burning it is beneficial to human health. 
Price: HRK 30-35

2. The “Nerezinac Lugger” carving
The stylised “Nerezinac Lugger” (Loger Nerezinac) carving, inspired by the boat of the same name, represents a piece of the rich maritime history of the island of Lošinj. The sculpture is handmade from olive wood found on the island and coated in olive oil. 
Price: HRK 350

3. Souvenirs Made of Olive Tree Wood 
Dishes made of olive tree wood were used on the sailboats of Lošinj since there was plenty of it on the island. Bowls, salt shakers, jugs and barrels for wine made of olive trees were the best food and drink protectors on long and stormy trips because the wood is exceptionally resistant to rotting. The captains of Lošinj, according to the tradition passed from generation to generation, ordered amulets and pendants made of olive tree wood from the local carpenters in order to protect them on treacherous journeys. They would engrave the image of St. Nicholas on them, the protector of seamen, or some other saint, protector of their families. They ordered and gifted their wives with bracelets with saints and bowls and platters for serving lemons and oranges. What makes the items made of olive tree wood special is the fact that there are no two that are exactly the same. 
The olive tree, as the symbol of earth, protects the original taste of food, plant freshness and, with its curves and elegant lines and streaks, reminds of feminine curves and symbolises the mother who feeds us. Items made of the olive tree roots were especially valued because they are very sturdy and have clean lines. The knots of the olive tree are preserved through fine manual processing and the olive oil glaze gives it shine and fullness. 

4. Spoon Made of Olive Tree Wood
According to the legend, ever since Athena, the goddess of wisdom, struck a rock with her spear and created the olive tree, it has spread all across the entire Mediterranean followed by other countries with climates resembling the Mediterranean one. The spoon made of olive tree wood can be used for sugar, salt, honey...

5. “Kacijola” Made of Olive Tree Wood
The olive tree has always been very important to the people who live here – almost holy. The olive tree was a symbol of power, fertility and stability, and its branches were placed on the heads of winners and those who were celebrated. “Kacijola”, or a ladle, made of olive tree wood can be used as a decoration in a room giving it warmth. Touching it gives a feeling of comfort. It can be used for water, oil in stone jugs...

Retail locations: 
Booth in the Magazina port (Nerezine)
Store Svi gušti (Trg Studenac 7, Nerezine)
Tourist agency Palma (Vladimira Nazora 22, Veli Lošinj) 
Facebook: T.O.Gulam

6. Fish Shaped Soap Holder  
As one of the oldest and most important plant cultures, the olive tree has significantly marked the lives of the people living on the island. Tool handles, furniture and other household items were made using the hard and sturdy olive tree wood. Sonja Gulam has made a soap holder shaped like a fish and glazed with olive oil since Christians believe that the olive tree is the symbol of God's transparency and care for God's children, and fish is the symbol of Christ and christening.
The souvenir was made by hand and each one is different (size, thickness), glazed with olive oil only. Axe, chisel and sandpaper are used for finishing, and cullet for straightening. 
Price: HRK 90.00 

Points of sale: 

Shop "Svi gušti"( Trg Studenac 7, Nerezine)

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