Winter on Lošinj Island

The Val travel agency from Veli Lošinj has devised a programme for your winter stay on Lošinj!
The price includes:
•  Tower of Veli Lošinj - Lošinj Museum
•  Fritzy Palace - Lošinj Museum
•  Museum of Apoxyomenos
•  educational programme on dolphins
•  Exclusive tourist tour of Veli and Mali Lošinj: would you like to have a thrilling experience and receive a piece of Lošinj Island’s history? How was Veli Lošinj settled and how did Mali Lošinj expand? This tour provides all of the above and so much more.
Duration: 45 min.

1. Adriatic Dolphin Project
2. Sea turtles
3. Fish
4. Marine biodiversity
5. Coastal wildlife
6. Marine protected areas
7. Sea and Us – human impact on marine environment

Age: Subject to topic, lectures may be adapted to various ages of participants.
Veli Lošinj Dolphin Centre admission/ Dolphin adoption option (by participating in Blue World’s ‘Adopt a Dolphin’ campaign, you support the Adriatic Dolphin Project and their activities of researching and protecting bottlenose dolphins in the waters of Lošinj and Cres, as well as the protection of the environment they inhabit. Your donation will further the years-long effort to raise public awareness at a local and national level through activities such as Dolphin Day, educational programmes for preschool and school children, topic-oriented lectures at various conferences, libraries, schools and nursery schools and promoting the protection of the Lošinj archipelago).
Minimal number of persons required for the programme: 10 persons
PRICE for 2 overnight stays (private accommodation in apartments): HRK 1150.00 per person
PRICE for 6 overnight stays + 1 FREE night: HRK 2050.00 per person


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