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13th Lošinj half marathon

Location: Veli Lošinj - Mali Lošinj - Veli Lošinj
Time: 28.9.2024.

The Athletic Club Lošinj gathers numerous competitors at the 12ve Lošinj semi-marathon, which will run long Lošinj trails. 

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SPONSOR:  Mali Lošinj Town, Mali Lošinj Tourist Board
TYPE OF RACE:    Road race with departure / arrival at the port, in the center of Veli Losinj
ROUTES: 21.097 km (half marathon), 10 km (Apoksiomen Cup), 5.0 km (city race)
AID STATIONS: starting point/arrival and every 5 km
Half marathon (center Veli Losinj) 11:00 a.m.
City race (center Veli Losinj) at 11.05 a.m.
Apoksiomen Cup (in front of the Bellevue hotel) at 11.25 a.m.
(Transfer to the starting point 45 minutes before the start of the race departing from the center of Veli Losinj)
Catering: at the points of departure/arrival and every 5 km


Half marathon:
Start Veli center - main road to the intersection of Čikat and Mali Lošinj - Veloselska ulica until the Kadin area - Los. Brodograditelja street and Riva Lošinjskih Kapetana street until the center of Mali Losinj - the central square of Mali Losinj, Ulicom Priko do Velopina street - passing by Velopina and A/C Čikat - seafront until A/C Čikat, Sunčana uvala, Borik - main road until the intersection Dražice - right main road until the junction in direction Veli Losinj with finish line in Veli Losinj.

Apoxyomenos Cup:
Start from the sandy beach in Čikat Bay to the Sunčana uvala bay, Borik - main road to the Dražice junction - then right until the junction for Veli Losinj and arrival at Veli Lošinj (bus transfer from Veli Losinj city center to starting point provided 45 minutes before the start of the race).

City competition of 5000m:
Start in Veli Losinj center - then main road in direction to the intersection for Čikat - roundabout - way down in direction of the Valdarke bay, seafront until hotel Punta and from there until the finish in the center of Veli Losinj.  

Zvjezdana Podunavac: +385 98 188 2765
Lovro Hesky: +385 98 278 879 

We maintain the right to change the dates of the events.

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