Ana Slaviček Brečić

Fish Magnets
Bicycle, Lavender, Octopus and Love Lošinj Fish 
Textile clothing items with Apoxyomenos, Susak flower, octopus motifs, Nerezinac T-shirt and Nerezinac pillowcase
Lošinj boat and Lošinj cat keychains 

Fish Magnets – machine-cut plywood according to the author's design, hand painted.
Souvenir price: HRK 30.00
Bicycle – hand painted design that can be found on T-shirts and pillow cases.
T-shirt price: HRK 120.00 
Pillow case price: HRK 100.00 
Lavender, Octopus and Love Lošinj Fish – hand painted coffee mugs and bowls.
Souvenir price: HRK 50.00 

Retail locations: 
In the booth by the Moby Dick cafe in Mali Lošinj.

The souvenirs can also be ordered via e-mail and the Facebook page: 
Facebook page: HAND MADE by ASB, Puce debeljuce

1. Apoxyomenos T-shirt – hand painted on a 100% cotton T-shirt; price – HRK 160.00
2. Apoxyomenos fish - hand painted on a 100% cotton T-shirt; price – HRK 130.00
3. Octopus - hand painted on a 100% cotton T-shirt; price – HRK 180.00
4. Susak flower - hand painted on a 100% cotton T-shirt; inspired by the folk costume of the Island of Susak; price – HRK 180.00
5. T-shirt and pillowcase Nerezinac - hand-painted on 100% cotton T-shirt, inspired by the sailing ship Nerezinac, which is in itself a maritime heritage of the island of Lošinj; price HRK 140.00; 120.00 kn

Ana Slaviček Brečić was inspired by the numerous charms of the Island of Lošinj when she created these handmade, 100% cotton textile products. 


Made of 100% cotton, filled with lavender and hand painted. Prices – HRK 40.00 and HRK 50.00.

Retail locations:
Točkica store, Priko 28, Mali Lošinj
Facebook: Hand made ASB, Puce Debeljuce

About the author:
Ana Slaviček Brečić
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