Dolphin guide

In 1987 a team of the Research Institute Tethys started a long research of biology, ecology and social structure of the community of bottlenose dolphins that colonize the sea around the islands of Cres and Losinj.

Today these dolphins are one of the best-explored groups in the whole Mediterranean.

The size of the community is estimated at 200 individuals. Most of the individuals can be identified by photographs thanks to natural marks such as cuts and scars on their back fin, the part which is always to be seen when they come out to the surface to breath the air.

There are many threats to Cres-Lošinj dolphin population. Pleasure boating can physically obstruct their movements whilst engine noise may disrupt their navigational senses.

Although among the most resistant and adaptable cetacean, good dolphins are gradually dying out in many parts of the world. The intentional killing and accidental catch in fishing-nets represent an evident threat.

Since 1995 Croatian law has protected all cetaceans in our waters from physical harm and harassment.

INFO: Blue World Institute

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