Exciting Summer on the Island of Vitality

After an activity-filled start of the year, the visitors and locals of Lošinj can look forward to an exciting summer.

After an activity-filled start of the year, the visitors and locals of Lošinj can look forward to an exciting summer.
The upcoming months will offer something for everyone's taste. Our latest addition is definitely the Maritime Evening (on 12th July and 9th August), an event that will display the maritime tradition, food offer on the excursion boats, and musical entertainment by local folk associations and well-known Croatian performers, Gustafi and Jole.
One of the most interesting festivals on the Adriatic is certainly Lošinj Jazz Fest (25-27th July). This year’s Klape on the Squre Fest will take place in front of the local parish church of St. Mary on 17th July and will include performances by numerous ensembles, among which Klapa Iskon and local klapas from Lošinj and Cres. This momentum will carry over to the A cappella Vocal Band Evening in Osor on 7th July.
The 8th Festival of Lošinj Balconies (22-23rd August) also deserves a special mention. This is when musical performances send their sounds off the balconies in Lošinj.
The musical ambience will be complete by local performers to celebrate the World Music Day on the main square (20th June). These will be followed by Josip Kašman Days (13-14th July), Elvis Presley Evening (16th August), and a performance by Beatles Revival Band (18th August). Visitors will be able to enjoy the performances by Flame Dance Group (on 20th July and 13th August) and Sudar Percussion Ensamble (30th July). The 43rd Osor Musical Evenings, a festival of classical music which has been organised in osor since 1974 will open on 15th July. The closing ceremony takes place on 19th August.

It is possible to engage in sports activities throughout the year, and to prove that, here are some of the events: Summer Basket Tour (26th June), Swimming Marathon Open Water „Apoxyomenos Challenge“(16th September), 8th Lošinj Half-Marathon (29th September), Arbunada (6th October), Triatlon Cres Lošinj (20th October), International Championship in Squid Fishing (21st October), Cres & Lošinj Trail weekend (3-4th November), 20th Lošinj Cup – Optimist Class (2-4th November), Laser Europea Cup – Masters Regatta (9-12th November).

The Blue World Institute is celebrating the World Sea Turtles Day on 16th June, while 30th June and 1st July mark the 26th Dolphin Day when the visitors will be able to learn about the research of bottlenose dolphins in the waters of the island of Lošinj and participate in many lectures, exhibitions, workshops, games, and competitions.

During their stay, our guests can visit many exhibitions: Anamneses – Medical History in the Ancient World (15th June – 15th September, Lošinj Museum, Fritzi Palace, Mali Lošinj), „Naše none obalčene na kas“ (23rd June – 20th August, Punta Križa), followed by Mate Solis retrospective (opening: 12th July, Museum of Apoxyomenos), and International Cartoon Exhibition OSKARfest (1st July – 30th November, Osor), art exhibition by Mirna Sišul (20th September – 20th October, Lošinj Museum, Fritzi Palace, Mali Lošinj), study exhibition Josip Antun Kraljić and activities of Ss. Cyril and Methodius Company in Istria and Mali Lošinj (24th October – 8th December, Lošinj Museum, Fritzi Palace, Mali Lošinj), annual exhibition Fiat Lux by the Lošinj Photo Club (13th December – 5th January), and many more.

Smaller towns and islands will organise local fêtes: St. Gaudentius in Osor (1st June), St. John (Ivan) in Punta Krža (23-24th June), Ss. Peter and Paul on Ilovik (28-29th June), St. Gregory in Veli Lošinj (7th July), Emigrants’ Day on Unije (21st July), St. Mary Magdalene (22nd July), bonfire to celebrate St. Anne in Veli Lošinj and Sv. Jakov local fête (25th July), Veli Lošinj Summer Games (28th July), Emigrants’ Day on Susak (29th July), Nerezine Summer Games (29th July – 5th August), Emigrants’ Day on Ilovik (4th August), St. Roch in Belej (16th August), St. Andrew in Punta Križa (30th November), and St. Nicholas in Ćunski (6th December).

From 8th to 23rd September, the festival “Lošinj Sails Around the World” will present the golden age of sailing on Lošinj. The festival will offer many activities – sports, cultural, educational, and entertainment:
6th Lošinj Regatta of pasara boats with oars, followed by showcasing and live music (8th September), 36th Lošinj Regatta – Lošinj Olympians (15-16th September), 42nd Nerezine Regatta of Traditional Sailboats (22nd September). Latest addition is the night regatta of traditional boats (14th September). During the Lošinj Maritime Evening, traditional maritime skills and trades will be presented (15th September), with a premiere screening of the Mini Transat documentary showing Vedran Kabalin’s trip across the Atlantic. The visitors will be able to enjoy the specialties themed after the dishes of Lošinj’s captains. Performance by Neno Belan will take place in Mali Lošinj on 15th September, while klapa Rišpet will perform in Nerezine on 22nd September, followed by fireworks.

                                      Don’t miss the chance to visit Lošinj – the island of vitality and enjoy these events!

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