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Ambroz Haračić

Ambroz Haračić (1855 - 1916), a Croatian botanist, studied mathematics and natural sciences in Vienna and taught at the Maritime School in Mali Lošinj, where he conducted meteorological measurements and observations over a period of 18 years. Based on his data, the government in Vienna proclaimed Mali Lošinj a climatic health resort in 1892. This marked the beginning of the development of tourism on the island of Lošinj. 
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Josip Kašman

Josip Kašman (Mali Lošinj, 14th July 1850 – Rome, 11th February 1925), world-famous opera singer from Mali Lošinj. 
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Seamen of Veli Lošinj

The people of Veli Lošinj have not always been seamen. When they arrived on the island more than 750 years ago with permission of Osor noblemen, they raised their first settlement and Sv. Nikola’s Church near fertile gardens, far from the sea. 
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