Health on the island of vitality



  • More than 200 days of sunshine annually
  • 280 km of footpaths and cycling trails
  • Supreme air quality
  • High sea quality
  • 1200 plant species – rich biodiversity, 230 species of medicinal plants
  • Podjavori Forest Park  – Veli Lošinj; Čikat Forest Park  – Mali Lošinj
  • A fragrant experience on 5 islands - aromatherapy centre
  • Gastronomy – local spices and herbs, gastronomic delights: Apoxyomenos’ antique cuisine, the gastronomy of Lošinj’s captains
  • The Lošinj islands are home to around 200 resident bottlenose dolphins
    The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation
  • Active vacation during the entire year (walking / cycling /
    hiking / tennis / water sports/ diving / sailing /
    sport fishing and fishing / excursions)


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