Honey in the ancient times

The ancient times was a period when, by domesticating the honeybees, they stopped being considered wild animals that anyone could catch and became property of individuals. Setting up of the apiculture as a planned human activity that yields certain material goods (honey above all) resulted in the first regulations for organizing the relationships in the beekeeping. 
This period inspired a significant burst to the development of the apiculture, what could be seen in the writings of the “first beekeeper” of the ancient world – Aristotle (384 – 322 BC). However, Hippocrates' (460 – 380 BC) writings showed keen interest in the use of honey for medicinal purposes. It is also interesting that the phrase “honeymoon” originated in that same period when the newlyweds were abundantly watered with honey-based beverages during the first (lunar) month of their union in order to have the strength and the energy to start their offspring and their lives together. 
Dražen Lušić, PhD, BA Sanitary Engineering, President of Croatian Association of Sensory Analysts of Honey

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