Apoxyomenos souvenirs

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Ancient kitchenware

Kitchenware and serving trays were mostly made of ceramics. Very often, pots were also made of bronze or brass, while plates were made of wood, and baskets of willow twigs. The rich could afford silverware for serving food. Numerous variations of different pots, cauldrons, bowls, pans, cups, vases, and carafes attest to the richness and diversity of dishes that were prepared or served in them.

Ancient wine

Ancient wine wasn't like today because it contained more sugar and a slightly higher percentage of alcohol. The Greeks increased the strength and the sweetness with additives such as honey, Aloe vera, thyme, berries, and myrtle. Once ready, it was diluted with water in different mixing ratios, depending on the occasion or the type of guests.
  • _Mali Lošinj

Honey in the ancient times

The ancient times was a period when, by domesticating the honeybees, they stopped being considered wild animals that anyone could catch and became property of individuals. Setting up of the apiculture as a planned human activity that yields certain material goods (honey above all) resulted in the first regulations for organizing the relationships in the beekeeping. 

Olives and olive oil in the ancient times

Along with vines and cereals, olive was a part of mythical Greek triad of agriculture and food culture. During the colonisation of the new territories, which also included our coast, the Greeks planted the olives around the Mediterranean. 
  • _Lošinj
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