July: bougainvillea, peppermint & bladder campion

BOUGAINVILLEA (lat. Bougainvillea sp.L.)
Bougainvillea is an ornamental and common climbing plant decorating many of our island gardens. It is an evergreeen climber that loves light and the sunlight. It has beautiful flowers that may be cultivated into different colors. The most common is the pink bougainvillea.

MENTHA (lat. Mentha piperita L.)
Mentha (peppermint) is a hybrid of at least 2 mentha sorts. Mentha is a perennial plant. It belongs to the labiates family. Its leaves are ovate shaped, and the flowers are light violets or pink.
The refreshing and sharp scent of peppermint that cools and awakens has been known since ancient times. Lately, doctors and pharmacists have recommended peppermint as a cure for intestinal problems such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting or irritable bowel syndrome because it is effective against cramps and flatulence. It is also recommended as a tonic and a stimulant, and helps to recover quickly in cases of reduced liver and kidney function, especially with older, feeble or anemic people. Due to its refreshing effect, peppermint is also used to treat high body temperature. Its oil encourages perspiration, which is a natural way of lowering the body temperature. It is also used in inhalations to treat blocked nose and sinusitis, as well as for treating sore throat, bronchitis, and dry cough. Combined with lavender, it is useful in treating acne due to its decongestant and mild antiseptic effect. Peppermint and lavender cold compress placed on forehead and nape is helpful for headache and migraine prevention. Both of these essential oils reduce pain – peppermint has a stimulating effect, while the lavender soothes.
Peppermint essential oil stimulates the brain and clears thoughts, and sometimes it is used for treating people in the state of shock. Put a few drops on a napkin and inhale several times. This is also a good way of alleviating nausea. The plant also has a beneficial effect on missing periods and aching breasts, while peppermint compress is a natural way of ending breastfeeding. A mixture of peppermint as a base oil with those of rosemary, cypress, blueberry, lavender, and pine is good for fighting cellulite. Rub the mixture twice a day from your feet towards your hips. Inhaling peppermint has a double effect – it is refreshing and encourages concentration and memory. The essential oil has a spasmolytic effect on bronchi and smooth muscles of the digestive system. It encourages biliary excretion and relief of intestinal gas. It reduces cramps, helps with insomnia, headaches, tension, and even with migraines. The menthol on the skin and mucosa offers a sense of cooling and has a mild anesthetic effect.
CONTRAINDICATIONS AND PRECAUTION: When using the essential oil on baby's face, refectory spasms can occur around the nose in particular. No such effects with tea intake. - never use undiluted peppermint essential oil - do not use peppermint for baths or total body massages (or up to 3 drops combined with other oils) due to numbing and cooling effect - do not use peppermint before going to bed because it awakens, and bearing in mind that it absorbs for a long time, do not use it several hours before going to bed.
Nina Bašić-Marković, MD, DSc
General Practitioner, Aromatherapist

 After sun body oil
1 dcl St. John's wart 10 drops of peppermint essential oil 50 drops of lavender essential oil Apply the mixture onto wet skin after shower. This is NOT a tanning oil.
 Refreshing foot bath
(for warm days) 100 g coarse sea salt 5 drops of peppermint essential oil Mix the ingredients and add them in a bowl with cold water. Soak your feet in and enjoy!
 Refreshing body spray
In 100 ml peppermint hydrolat add 1 teaspoon of herbal glycerol, mix it and pour into spray bottle. Keep it refrigerated and freshen your face and body!
 Refreshing body water
100 ml distilled water 5 drops of peppermint essential oil
Mix ingredients in a spray bottle and refrigerate. Use it as a refreshing body spray. Lemonade with peppermint 4 lemons 3 tablespoons of honey about 10 leaves of fresh peppermint 2 drops of peppermint essential oil Squeeze juice from 3 lemons, slice the last one, add 2 l of water. Mix well money with 2 drops of peppermint essential oil and then pour into lemonade.
 For a fresh breath
Add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil into a glass of water and wash your mouth gurgling. Do not swallow!
 Extra advice:
Use quality essential oils. My recommendation are essential oils from Kučić distillery on the island of Cres. While preparing the mixtures, create your own wellness – a relaxing environment where you can enjoy. The essential oils have a better effect when you are relaxed!
(Anamarija Pažin Morović, aromatherapist)
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