The mix of thick pine-tree forest, medicinal plants, and sea aerosols create a unique outdoor aromatherapy. The top quality of the sea and air, over 200 hours of sunshine per year, and 1018 plant species, 939 of which indigenous, make Lošinj a destination of aromatherapy. 
Each month is dedicated to plants so here are the fragrant months: 
January and February will be characterised by lemons, oranges and tangerines,
March by rosemary, eucalyptus and laurel,
April is reserved for asparagus, Lošinj onion and borage,
May will be characterised by sage, fennel and nettle,
June by Spanish broom, lavender, immortelle and ribwort plantain,
July bougainvillea, mint and bladder campion,
August figs, oleander and loquat,
In September, the fragrance program continues with days of jujube, grapes, Indian fig opuntia and rock samphire,
October will be characterised by myrtle, strawberry tree, pomegranate and dandelion,
November by olives, dog rose and quince,
December by pine, agave and juniper. 

Pause and feel the blend of the Mediterranean and medicinal plants with the pine-tree forest and sea aerosol.
Use aromatherapy in everyday life and tourism! 

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