September: Jujube, Grapes, Samphire

GRAPE (lat. Vitis vinifera)
Common grape vine (vitis vinifiera) belongs to Vitaceae family. Along with olives, cereal, and figs, it is the oldest cultivated plant on the island. A great number of Roman amphora that were used to transport the wine from Greece to the north of Adriatic have been found in the waters of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago which shows that this was a rich trading route, especially the one through the Osor canal. Common grape vine is a liane growing to 5-15 m high, forming a flaky bark. Depending on the variety, the leaves come in different shapes and nuances of green. An interesting fact is that the flowers blossom only four to five days. The fruit grows in a bunch, and the colour of berries ranges from dark blue to black, or pale yellow to red. The fruit ripens from August to October, depending on the variety and the area. Common grape vine has been cultivated for over 4000 years. It was spread from Caucasus, Iran, and Afghanistan to Egypt, and later to Greece and Italy. It spread to both North and Latin America after their discovery. Nowadays it is cultivated on every continent, and it can also be found in the southernmost parts of Siberia.

SAMPHIRE (Crithmum maritimum L.)
This perennial plant grows along the coast and on the islands in large groups of semi-bushes near the sea, on cliffs, walls, and rooftops and it can reach up to 50 cm in height. It has a smooth, yellow and green stem that branches into shield-like blossom with small flowers of the same colour. The foliage is succulent and shiny, light green to dark green, in the shape of narrow lances and pulpy, growing in even branches. It flowers from April to August.
JUJUBE (lat. Zizyphus jujuba L.)
Also known as Chinese Date. Very interesting and decorative tree. Nobody can pass by the garden with jujube inside without noticing it. Its look is unusual. Its long branches are bent and thorny. The leaves are shiny and green, ovate and acute. The fruit is green and oval and when mature red and brownish resembling an olive.
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